Restructuring bank receivables

We obtained valuable experience while working in the banking sector for many years. We are ready to support you effectively on all stages of the procedure. We know how to negotiate on all decision-making levels of the bank. We guarantee fully transparent co-operation.

Tell us your story and we will prepare opportunities tailored to meet your needs!


Commercial and industrial real property

We will help you acquire real property that secures a non-performing loan. We are experts in acquiring debts from banks. We also know the enforcement procedures.

Just choose a convenient method of acquisition and leave the rest to us!


Just choose a convenient method of acquisition and leave the rest to us!

Wide knowledge and experience are elements of our business DNA. Our perfect market knowledge allows it to operate skilfully in the most difficult sector – SME and corporate receivables. We are a specialist partner for banks and we are able to respond their needs immediately.

We will prepare an offer tailored especially for you!


Over 100 billion PLN – this is the total amount of debts unpaid by customers of Polish banks. This amount includes unpaid consumer loans and corporate loans.

NPL (short for Non-Performing Loans) are receivables that are serviced irregularly, i.e. precisely those loans that are unpaid by debtors. As they are subject to regular sales, these receivables have become a class of assets (like e.g. real property, stock or bonds) in which one may invest to gain profit.

Is it possible to invest in unpaid loans?

Banks are very eager to get rid of non-performing loans. They sell these receivables to debt enforcement companies together with special securitisation funds established especially for this type of transactions. Debt enforcement companies act with the aim to dispose of the purchased loans and to obtain profits from these property rights.

What are investments in receivables?

Sales transactions of whole portfolios between banks and securitisation funds are worth multiple millions. However, their price depends on many factors, such as: the current market situation, macroeconomic indices, the current financial standing of the given Bank and debt enforcement company and the quality of the portfolio being the object of the transaction. Still, ultimately, for package sales, the prices range from several to less than twenty per cent of the value of the receivable at the maximum. 

The analysis of market prices reveals that statistically, the maximum price paid for every 100 PLN of debt is 20 PLN, so all revenue from debt enforcement that exceeds the cost invested in the purchase and disposal is a profit!

Is NPL not for everyone?

The group of specialised players on the NPL market still remains small. This is the reason why the assets sold are often underpriced. Trade in receivables requires detailed regulations. This, together with the lack of common knowledge of bank procedures, formal requirements, and the negotiation process, are problems that prevent a wider group of interested parties from entering this business sector.

Learn more about OUR MISSION

We want to show the largest possible group of people that trade in receivables is an attractive business model that is not only available to specialised funds.

So far, the major part of the transactions involved the sales of portfolios consisting of a he number of cases. Accepting single debts for trade significantly improves the investment opportunities.

Transactions on single receivables offer an opportunity to invest your funds and earn profit.





An experienced partner in the receivables market

We meet representatives of banks, individual investors, real estate brokers, property owners, and entrepreneurs.
We advise, act as intermediaries and organise due diligence audits. We support our customers on every stage of the transaction. Our actions are characterised by maximum transparency and high work ethics.
Our clients are also debt enforcement officers and receivers who are looking for buyers for the real properties in their care (office buildings, warehouses, land, manufacturing plants, and residential premises).

Our wide experience is the guarantee of your success

We have been working with mortgage-secured real properties for twenty years. We also have many years of experience in investing in bank receivables secured by mortgage. During that time, we have spent over 100 million PLN on purchasing these assets, both from our own funds and in co-operation with third-party investors.
Our team are people who have been passionate about working with corporate receivables for a long time. As a result, we possess extensive knowledge on valuating, handling, and investing in this type of assets.
Our competences that we have obtained for a long time allow us to perfectly understand the needs of our partners from banks and their operating procedures. We know what or customers expect and how we can help them.

Licence of the Financial Supervision Authority

 As a licensed entity authorised to manage securitisation funds, we are subject to the supervision of the Financial Supervision Authority. We have a formal licence of a securitisation investment fund managing entity issued by the FSA.
We fulfil all requirements for companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw.
Our group also includes an in-house law firm that specialises in servicing receivables and real properties. Its task is to ensure the legal compliance of each stage of the procedure and to improve the security of the transaction.




We have been gaining experience for over ten years to meet your expectations. We have been specialising in handling corporate receivables for almost two decades. We deserve your trust!

We will share with you our well-established know-how on the valuation of mortgage securities. We know how to do it to bring you benefits, because our knowledge was built not only on our own experiences, but also those of local real estate agents who specialise in commercial property.

You do not have to be an expert in receivables. Our knowledge of bank procedures and the mechanisms that govern purchase transactions make us an attractive partner for customers from the banking sector. We will be happy to represent you.

We have an in-house law firm. We assure you that it will be fully involved in the transaction, its continuity, and that it will control all stages of the process.

We conduct professional valuation of specific cases. You do not have to worry about the complexity of the subject – we will advise you in any situation.

All rules of co-operation are established in the most transparent way possible to make both you and any party to the transaction feel comfortable.

We do not act blindly. We have a track record of successful transactions purchasing receivables from banks (portfolios and individual cases).

Wherever you may live, we have a network of associates all around Poland. We co-operate with real estate agents, finance brokers, debt enforcement officers, receivers, and detectives, so you will always receive a complete audit of all opportunities in your location.


The groups of our partners include 2 basic profiles:

Banks and their
restructuring departments

Our advantages:

  • We know the internal procedures of banks and the process of valuating and selling real property;
  • We have a licence issued by the Financial Supervision Authority;
  • Our excellent work ethics makes us stand out on the market;
  • We follow clearly defined rules;
  • We use a transparent settlement system;
  • We have a long track record of closed transactions (both portfolios and individual ones);
  • We are able to determine what may be negotiated with the bank to save the time and money of potential investors and sellers.

Real estate agents,
entrepreneurs, and investors

Our advantages:

  • We possess detailed knowledge about the market of bank receivables and properties;
  • We are experts in audits of receivables;
  • We know the specificity of the sales process and the decision-making procedures of most Polish banks;
  • Our experience in cooperating with banks makes us a qualified partner for this sector.
  • We guarantee a transparent approach to every customer;
  • We use procedures that ensure the application of the principles of work ethics at all stages of the procedure;
  • We guarantee reliability and involvement throughout the whole service process;
  • We use a transparent settlement system;


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